Greetings. I’m JW. More.

Discovering you’re a powerful sexual being in your forties is quite an experience. Join me on my journey as I make up for lost time and embrace my place in the kinkster universe.

I was introduced to BDSM, Kink, and Fetish when an unfortunate turn of events forced me to become a phone sex operator at the age of 41. And it was one a greatest things that could have happened to me – a kind of mid-life awakening.

It inspired me to write, as well as, explore this whole new world I had wandered into. I happily discovered that I’m a Sensual Switch; where sometimes I enjoy being a submissive babygirl and at other times a sissy-training Domme.

The added twist is that I’m a wheelchair user. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which has taken away my ability to stand or walk. Some sporadic muscle control does remain in my legs. And yes, my pussy works just fine. Thanks for asking, everyone does.

I’m an advocate for assisted masturbation for the disabled. I also actively research, troubleshoot, and product test to help find solutions to some of the more common issues plagued by kinky people with disabilities.

So, I went from being a vanilla, 17-year government employee with a bachelor’s and master’s degree – to a passionate and kinky phone goddess.

I can definitely say, that my life has never been boring. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Enjoy the blog.

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