Good Morning

I wake to the smell of your perfume, and your girl cock pressed hard against me. You’ve spooned me as I slept. The silkiness of your negligee caressing my back.

As I start to stir, you pounce. Your arms wrap around me, as you slip that sweet shaft in my ass.

I’m happily trapped. Your hands mercilessly squeezing and pinching my tits, and I feel your hot breath on my neck as you whisper in my ear, “You’re Mine, Bitch.”

Then you fuck me; long deep strokes that make me whimper and purr.

A free hand slips down to my pussy, lightly stroking my clit before sinking those fingers deep inside me.

I cum harder and faster than I expected. Panting hard, I suddenly find your drenched fingers in my mouth. I happily lick and suck them clean, as you plant a load deep in my ass.

Finally, you release me. Both of us sweaty and spent. “Make us some breakfast”, you declare. “You’ll find your breakfast in my ass.”, I reply.

I really do love mornings.

© 2017 JW. More

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