Twas the Night Before Christmas (PSO Version)

Twas the night before Christmas and in this humble abode
Not a creature was stirring, but a lone PSO.
She had just settled in for a long night of calls,
With a bottle of water and some lemon-honey Halls.

She did the job willingly, no need to compel,
As she catered to the wishes of her male clientele.
The call topics ranged from cuckolding and homewrecking,
To BDSM, sissification, and some casual necking.

When she finished her calls, she messaged each one
To inform them of the pics they could have for a sum.
A simple token of a relationship, exciting and new,
But most likely an item they’ll just masturbate to.

“Hey, Ivabigone, purpleguy, Sir Ross, and bigAl.”
“Hey, adam10, hornyshamuss, makeucum, and pigpal.”
“I have many sexy pictures I’m sure you will like,
Where I’m topless, bottomless, bent-over, and upright.”

Of course, they flooded her inbox with their dick pics instead,
As visions of penises began to dance in her head.
Select all and delete successfully cleaned up that mess,
But a few pics were saved, she would shamelessly confess.

With her Night over, she pours a stiff drink,
Then puts on Netflix and settles down for a think.
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”,
She exclaims with a sigh, “Today was alright.”

© 2016 JW. More

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