Daddy Is Love

It’s the strongest love I have ever felt. He strips me bare and envelopes me in his love.  I offer him my three rosebuds in supplication, each receiving Daddy’s thorough attention. His tongue and hands give so much, as I’m kissed, stroked, sucked, and spanked. Exhausted, I collapse on my belly – lips swollen and ass rosy.

I’m his good girl, his sexy girl, his baby girl.

He spreads my legs with his knees. Grabbing my hips, he hoists my ass into the air. He means to breed me. The mushroom head of his cock pushes in with no hesitation. I muffle my cries as he embeds himself. “Milk me”, he commands. The pain quickly subsides, as I squeeze his shaft with my pussy. He doesn’t move an inch, except to slap my ass. I’m his brood mare. It’s my job to draw the seed from him. A job I do with vigor.

I grind against him and squeeze, until I hear the low growl in his throat. He’s ready to cum. His hands again on my hips, he pushes in deep. I feel his cock twitch as he unloads, filling me with his cream. Still hard, he thrusts into my slick hole until I shudder and explode. Daddy is love.

Then he withdraws, bringing his dripping cock to my mouth for cleaning. I lick and suck as if starved. Every drop is precious. Still on my hands and knees, he pushes my head down against the hard wood floor, slanting my body so his seed will take. “Stay”, he commands. He walks away as I remain, tingling and throbbing.

I’m his good girl, his sexy girl, his baby girl.

© 2017 JW. More

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