Bondage is Beautiful

As someone who spends every day actively trying to keep her life from spinning out of control, Bondage is beautiful…it is bliss.

And I’m not talking about Bondage Art, of which I am a great admirer. I do envy the naked Rope Bunnies, tied so intricately with the skilled Rigger’s brightly-colored rope. I’m especially envious when they are made to fly.

All I need is to be restrained, pretty rope or not, to find that perfect state of bliss.

When you are bound, you can do nothing and when you can do nothing, you can stop worrying about the things you can do nothing about. All your problems melt away. You become aware of your breathing, feeling your chest fill and empty, as the rope gives you a reassuring hug. You are helpless, but the Top who tied you up will keep you safe. You can let go the need to control and give it to your Top. Being in control is no longer your responsibility or your burden. You can simply “Be”.

To me, Bondage is beautiful.

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