Strange Sex Toys from the Victorian Era

The Manipulator


This baby was the first steam-powered vibrator. Patented by Dr. George Taylor in 1869, it was one of the first big steps in taking us from the common dildo to the more elaborate sex toys we have today. It consisted of a large table with an opening that allowed for a vibrating sphere. Originally, this thing was used to treat pelvic disorders. However, its other use for women became apparent very quickly. Taylor later advised that women should be supervised while using it so they wouldn’t overindulge themselves.

The First Mobile Vibrator


Some women wanted a nice orgasm, but not everyone had the time to go to the doctor. So, the brave entrepreneur Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville decided to make something a little bit more portable in the early 1880s. There’s an emphasis on the “little bit” part, because this vibrator ran on a 40-pound battery. Of course, Granville’s intentions weren’t for the device to be used for the pleasure of women everywhere – he only wanted it to be used as a male muscle massager – but doctors used it on women anyway.

Riding at Home


It was thought that a spirited ride on a horse was good for a person’s health. So, since everything was being industrialized in Victorian England,  in the late 1890s they decided to try for a horse ride too. The way it worked was the more you rocked back and forth, the more the seat vibrated. So, you better believe tons of women were riding this thing like they were in a high-speed chase. It was said to be good for curing hysteria, obesity, and gout.

The Chattanooga


Just after 1900, a ton of new vibrating machines starting popping up. One of them was the Chattanooga, a steam-powered vertical monstrosity. Made in 1904, this thing stood five feet tall. It also required two men to shovel coal into a furnace just to keep the thing on. A doctor would them used it to “manipulate” a patient’s genitals. Luckily, vibrators got a whole lot less elaborate as time went on.

A Pleasurable Douche


In the quest to find treatments for “female hysteria,” many different procedures were considered. One popular treatment involved hydrotherapy. Spas in England and the US apparently allowed women to be douched. How, you ask? Well, it seems they sprayed water between a woman’s legs. Spray long enough, and eventually, you got yourself an orgasm. One writer said the douche procedure was the best weapon in the fight against hysteria. Who are we to argue?

The Rectal Dilator


Created by Frank E. Young in 1892, this puppy is exactly what you think it is: a butt plug with another name. It came in different sizes, but it went up to 4.5 inches of hard rubber designed to go up your butt. Originally, this thing was supposed to be a cure for constipation. As if people who were constipated needed more stuff up their butts. Eventually, it was banned for “false advertising” by the 1938 Federal Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act.

The Hand Crank Vibrator


Before vibrators could become run by electricity, they had a more manual source of energy. Yup, doctors had to hand-crank these vibrators in order to get them to work. Apparently, MDs everywhere were completely overjoyed with the advent of electric vibrators since they got massive hand cramps from using the cranked versions. Also, can you imagine how awkward it would be using these on patients?

The Spanking Machine


During the industrial revolution, everyone was looking to create machines for just about every activity. Some sex toys are pretty obvious to do this with… while others are a bit of a reach. With that in mind, behold the “Combined Lifting and Spanking Machine.” It was apparently sold for pranksters in fraternities, but come on, it’s clear that was just some clever marketing for a sex aid. It comes with hand grips and a spring-loaded paddle. Makes you wonder how well it sold.

The Steam-Powered Crotch Machine


Steam power was used for many things at the turn of last century including trains and naval ships. Well, it turns out that list also includes dildos. In a design based on a train piston, this thing would work you like a speeding locomotive. The problem with these machines is they got really hot since they used, you know, steam. As a result, they tended to have a very short amount of use you could get out of them before they literally blew a gasket.

-copied from Ranker

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