Racial Slurs

Hell, no. I’m not saying them during phone sex calls. I don’t care how much money you offer me…..I’m not saying them. I don’t care if it’s role play….I’m not saying them.

Racial slurs will never pass my lips. They are pure hate and I refuse to make them part of my vocabulary. Racial slurs and Race Play are among my hard limits. When I started talking phone sex calls, words like “Pussy” and “Cock” began creeping into my day to day conversations because of how often I use them during phone sex calls.  I don’t want the same thing to happen with racial slurs. My mother is still threatening to wash my mouth out with soap, when I accidentally said “Jizz” in her presence.

I also had this happen one time:

Caller: “Do you like white dick?’

JW. More: “Yes.”

Caller: “Do you like white supremist dick?”

JW. More: “Excuse Me?”

Caller: “Say you hate N-word Dick”

JW. More: <hangs up>

No means no. Not budging.

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