Fetish or Turn On?

When is a turn on a fetish and a fetish actually just a turn on?

I recently read an online article examining why people like creampies (yeah, I actually did) and the author, a member of the fetish community, was calling it a fetish. Which begs the question, is liking creampies really a fetish or just a turn on?

People ejaculating inside of one another is extremely common place. It’s been happening since the beginning of time. It’s a part of mating, and reproduction, and often just good fun. Sorry, but creampies are pretty much vanilla, and just liking it or liking doing it doesn’t make it a fetish.

I personally love feeling a man cum inside me. It’s very primal. I’d rather be cream-filled, than receive a facial or having him cum on my tits. Being plowed and filled is a serious turn on, but does this mean I have a “Creampie Fetish”? No. I also love nipple play and hard kisses but once again these are turn ons, not fetishes.

A sexual fetish involves an extreme fixation on an object or act, which leads to arousal and/or sexual release. Often, persons with a fetish are unable to achieve arousal without that special something they are fixated on. Some can’t cum at all. Like all things, there are no definites. A person with a foot fetish may be able to have sex without feet being involved, but are they really enjoying themselves? It’s very unlikely.

If someone had a creampie fetish, they would not just “like it”, they would “need it” on some level. And that may really be the test. Do you need a special object or act to achieve complete sexual satisfaction? If so, then let me congratulate you for having an actual fetish. If not, you have a delicious turn on, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

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