Fetish or Turn On?

When is a turn on a fetish and a fetish actually just a turn on?

I recently read an online article examining why people like creampies (yeah, I actually did) and the author, a member of the fetish community, was calling it a fetish. Which begs the question, is liking creampies really a fetish or just a turn on?

People ejaculating inside of one another is extremely common place. It’s been happening since the beginning of time. It’s a part of mating, and reproduction, and often just good fun. Sorry, but creampies are pretty much vanilla, and just liking it or liking doing it doesn’t make it a fetish.

I personally love feeling a man cum inside me. It’s very primal. I’d rather be cream-filled, than receive a facial or having him cum on my tits. Being plowed and filled is a serious turn on, but does this mean I have a “Creampie Fetish”? No. I also love nipple play and hard kisses but once again these are turn ons, not fetishes.

A sexual fetish involves an extreme fixation on an object or act, which leads to arousal and/or sexual release. Often, persons with a fetish are unable to achieve arousal without that special something they are fixated on. Some can’t cum at all. Like all things, there are no definites. A person with a foot fetish may be able to have sex without feet being involved, but are they really enjoying themselves? It’s very unlikely.

If someone had a creampie fetish, they would not just “like it”, they would “need it” on some level. And that may really be the test. Do you need a special object or act to achieve complete sexual satisfaction? If so, then let me congratulate you for having an actual fetish. If not, you have a delicious turn on, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

Sex Positions

With my disability preventing me from standing, kneeling, or getting on all fours, I’m limited when it comes to sex positions. It’s extremely frustrating when all you’ve got going for you is missionary.

Luckily, I’ve found a couple sex position websites that provide more options than I thought possible with my disability.

If you have issues like mine or just need to spice things up, you should definitely check out the following.

Sex Positions Club

Sex Positions.Club  provides over 245 illustrated sex positions, which are sorted by the following:

  • Position Type (blowjob, cowgirl, spooning, etc)
  • Stimulation (a-spot, clitoral, p-spot, etc)
  • Penetration (deep, shallow, none, etc)
  • Added Petting (anal play, kissing, breasts touching, etc)
  • Activity (man or woman active)
  • Complexity (easy, medium, or hard)

The website also has a very interesting section on the ‘Kama Sutra’.

Best Sex Positions

Best Sex Positions provides 101 illustrated sex positions, with the following:

  • Free Streaming Videos
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Books and Guides
  • Positions from the ‘Perfumed Garden’ and the “Kama Sutra”


“Keyhole” is the third piece in my Indelicate collection. It’s a cropped, dry brush version of “Mönch und Nonne” – Unknown Artist, 17th Century, Germany. Textured overlay and keyhole added.


Mönch und Nonne” – Unknown Artist, 17th Century, Germany

“Keyhole” is available for purchase on a variety of items in my private zazzle store. Due to the indelicate nature of these pieces, they will only be accessible via direct link here.


The image is on 12 items. Here are photos of 4 items.


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“Cross-Kissing” is the second piece in my Indelicate collection. It’s a cropped, fresco version of “A Scene of Cross-Kissing”. Frame embellishments also added.


A Scene of Cross-Kissing – Unknown Artist, 19th Century

The image is available for purchase on a variety of items in my private zazzle store. Due to the indelicate nature of these pieces, they will only be accessible via direct link here.


The image is on 12 items. Here are photos of 4 items.


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Sweet Snail

“Sweet Snail” is the first piece in my Indelicate collection. It’s a stamp version of Franz von Bayros’ “Ex-libris of Sweet Snail” book plate.


Ex-libris of Sweet Snail – Franz von Bayros

Franz von Bayros (1866 – 1924) was an Austrian artist known for his provocative and erotic art. His snail is a particular favorite of mine.

I love it so much, I created a black and a white stamp version.

Franz Snail-bwkbp

They are available for purchase on a variety of items in my private zazzle store. Due to the indelicate nature of these pieces, they will only be accessible via direct link here.

Sweet Snail – Black Stamp

The image is on 10 items. Here are photos of 4 items.


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Sweet Snail – White Stamp

The image is on 10 items. Here are photos of 4 items.


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Endorsement from Daddy

“Jen has me cumming harder and longer and shooting massive monster size loads!

Jen is a voice sex mistress on super steroid pheromones guaranteed to make you harder than you’ve ever been and leave you throbbing like a sledgehammer-smashed big toe!

Since I began using her pretty pussy powers, my cock has increased in length and girth by a good full inch, and my orgasms are blowing the top of my mind-blown head off!

Between her sultry purring sex kitten soft voice and her filthy language supersucking deep throat, she has me cumming like a fucking out-of-control high pressure fire hose!

She will expertly edge you to the top and then when you’re ready to burst, let you take the plunge, pushing you over the edge until you’re unloading again and again while she takes you all in and leaves you drained and totally satisfied.

Get ready for the ride of your life. You will gladly keep cumming back for More.”


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Sensual BDSM

While BDSM is known for whips, chains, and degradation, Sensual BDSM is something entirely different. Sensual BDSM is for the sensualists, those who want to experience pleasure – not pain.

It can involve massage oils, feathers, tickle play, foot worship, light pain and sweet words. At times it may be so tame that it appears vanilla, but at its core it’s still a D/s relationship and its the ‘D”s responsibility to get the ‘s’ to subspace.

Being a Sensual Switch, I hate humiliation and degradation – both giving and receiving. I love bringing people to orgasm, bringing them pleasure – just as I love being tied up with silky, bright-colored chiffon scarves and teased with ice cubes.

Safe words are still a necessity, especially for tickle sessions that can easily get out of hand. 🙂

The Lady and The Dragon

The air in the cave was stale, but then she caught the unmistakable smell of sulfur, “Brimstone.” She found the Dragon’s lair. Quietly, she stripped off her clothing. An earthen jug in hand and leather satchel on her back, she ventured forward pausing only to let her eyes adjust to the abyss-like blackness.

The Dragons that lived in this glen were small, only as big as a black bear, and it was her intent to mate with one. It was the cum she sought, for Dragon seed was known for its medicinal properties. This risky business was one that the women of her family had specialized in for over three thousand years – the skills passed on from mother to daughter.

Then she heard it, the low, long breaths of a sleeping Dragon. She paused to retrieve a jar of goose fat mixed with musk from her satchel. This pungent mixture she liberally applied to her pussy and ass. Dragons had horrible aim, and taking a Dragon’s cock in the ass was a distinct possibility she had to be prepared for.

She was to entice him into mounting her, letting him fill her with his seed, and then collect it in the earthen jug as it streamed down her thighs. An ancient song, taught to her by her mother, would help make him docile. Clothing would be ripped off, so she wore none, and since Dragons belched fire when they came, she had to make sure to get out of the way.

The sleeping Dragon came into view. He had brown scales, short yellow claws, and two long yellow horns. She approached slowly, softly singing the ancient tune. The Dragon stirred. It raised its head and their eyes met. She instinctively knelt and bowed her head, showing respect to the powerful creature.

Then she turned around, and getting on all fours she offered her ass to him. She heard him move closer. Then she felt a long lick – from clit to asshole – that made her moan uncontrollably. She was not expecting such pleasure, as the snake-like tongue continued to lap at her.

Aristoth: “Rawr!”.

Jen: “What?”

Aristoth: “Yeah, Rawr!”

Jen: “You sound like a hoarse cat. Go back to licking me.”

Aristoth: “Yeah, about that. I’m a bottom. Isn’t there another way you could get the seed out of me, besides me fucking you?”

Jen: “What? You could have said something sooner. I was really getting into this scene, despite the fact you’re a costumed Furry and your lair is a blanket fort.”

Aristoth: “Yeah, but it’s a pretty sweet blanket fort.”

Jen: “Fine. How about this?”

Suddenly the licking stopped. She braced herself, expecting to be mounted, but nothing happened. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the Dragon had curled up and gone back to sleep. Confused, she sat down facing him. Did she do something wrong? Was she not desirable?

She approached slowly. Sitting down next to him, she lightly stroked his scales. Tired of singing, she switched to humming. How could she draw the seed from this sleepy dragon? As she continued stroking, he started to purr beneath her finger tips. An idea began to form.

Coating two fingers in goose fat, she slowly brought those fingers up and under his tail. Finding his tight asshole, she began to massage it. The Dragon’s purrs grew stronger, as she slipped both fingers deep inside. Gently, she started fucking him.

Still asleep, he rolled on his back. His eyes open, but glazed over. He was completely under her spell. Still humming, she reached deeper to find that special sweet spot. His cock emerged in response, and with her free hand she placed the jug on its bulbous head.

Dipping her free hand in goose fat, she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started stroking. His purrs grew stronger and she could hear a rumbling deep in his chest. She stroked faster and faster, twisting her hand on his cock, while the fingers of her other hand tapped away at that sweet spot. The rumbling grew louder, until almost deafening.

And then it happened. His cock twitched, most violently, as flame burst forth from his mouth. The jug was suddenly overflowing with Dragon seed. She quickly grabbed the dripping jug, and with her prize in hand started to back away.

The Dragon, now fully awake, whipped his head around in angry confusion. Blinking his eyes, he focused on her for a second, before giving a long yawn and stretch of his neck. Then he closed his eyes and curled back into a ball. Though Dragons could be difficult to read, she could swear it looked like he was smiling.

Aristoth: “Wow. That was awesome.”

Jen: “Well, it was my first-time giving a Dragon prostate massage.”

Aristoth: “Maybe next time you can use your feet on my cock.”

Jen: “Maybe.”

Aristoth: “Can we cuddle?”

Jen: “Yes, Dragon. We can cuddle.”

She cuddled the dragon, until he was deep asleep. Retreating from the cave, she donned her clothes, then paused looking back into the darkness. This quest was definitely one worthy of note. There is more than ONE way to get seed from a Dragon…..especially if the Dragon in question is difficult.

Aristoth: “Hey!”

Jen: “Hush. Dragons don’t talk.”

© 2017 JW. More

I’d like to thank my Furry friend, Aristoth, for being a good sport and allowing me to put him in this story.


Photograph courtesy of Aristoth.

Hysterical Literature

A combination of art and sex, Hysterical Literature is a series of videos that show reading women valiantly trying to maintain composure while being brought to orgasm. As a great admirer of videos showing authentic release, I have found this series to be very entertaining.

Filmed in black and white, the women read from a book of their own choosing, while seated at a table. Under the table, an unseen person uses a vibrator on them. The women stop reading when they become too distracted or too tired.

The artist behind this project is NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt. According to the HL website, the project “explores feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality. (It’s also just really fun to watch.)”.

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