Is It Incest?

The general assumption by those not familiar with BDSM, Kink & Fetish, is that the Daddy/Babygirl relationship is incestuous.

It’s not. It’s a Domination/submission (D/s) relationship.

On the D/s spectrum, Daddy/Babygirl is a warmer and more loving relationship than Master/slave. Play may be less strict, with more laughing and more cuddles. Often the Babygirl seeks the approval of her Daddy, wanting to make him happy by performing acts that please him. The Daddy will in turn take care of her, giving her whatever special treatment she enjoys as a reward for her good behavior.

One thing is constant: The Daddy calls the shots and the Babygirl does what she’s told. There is some variation depending on the Limits set by the individuals involved. Some couples like rough play, some are into Age Play, and some Babygirls are horrible Brats.

Now – If the individuals involved have incest as a fetish, then they will pretend their relationship is incestuous – even if they are not actually blood related.  Remember, it’s just pretend.

The Daddy/Babygirl relationship is not limited to older Daddies and younger Babygirls either. They can be the same age or in some rare cases have an older Babygirl and a younger Daddy.

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Some people need a little help pinpointing their respective kinks and we often have more than one.

A helpful tool is the BDSM Test.

My results are as follows:

95% Voyeur
92% Switch
87% Rigger
86% Primal (Hunter)
76% Dominant
72% Non-monogamist
71% Exhibitionist
71% Master/Mistress
62% Vanilla
61% Rope bunny
60% Owner
51% Experimentalist
38% Submissive
34% Primal (Prey)
34% Brat tamer
28% Daddy/Mommy
16% Brat
6% Pet
5% Sadist
4% Slave
4% Girl/Boy
3% Ageplayer
2% Degrader
2% Masochist
0% Degradee



Bondage is Beautiful

As someone who spends every day actively trying to keep her life from spinning out of control, Bondage is beautiful…it is bliss.

And I’m not talking about Bondage Art, of which I am a great admirer. I do envy the naked Rope Bunnies, tied so intricately with the skilled Rigger’s brightly-colored rope. I’m especially envious when they are made to fly.

All I need is to be restrained, pretty rope or not, to find that perfect state of bliss.

When you are bound, you can do nothing and when you can do nothing, you can stop worrying about the things you can do nothing about. All your problems melt away. You become aware of your breathing, feeling your chest fill and empty, as the rope gives you a reassuring hug. You are helpless, but the Top who tied you up will keep you safe. You can let go the need to control and give it to your Top. Being in control is no longer your responsibility or your burden. You can simply “Be”.

To me, Bondage is beautiful.

Daddy Is Love

It’s the strongest love I have ever felt. He strips me bare and envelopes me in his love.  I offer him my three rosebuds in supplication, each receiving Daddy’s thorough attention. His tongue and hands give so much, as I’m kissed, stroked, sucked, and spanked. Exhausted, I collapse on my belly – lips swollen and ass rosy.

I’m his good girl, his sexy girl, his baby girl.

He spreads my legs with his knees. Grabbing my hips, he hoists my ass into the air. He means to breed me. The mushroom head of his cock pushes in with no hesitation. I muffle my cries as he embeds himself. “Milk me”, he commands. The pain quickly subsides, as I squeeze his shaft with my pussy. He doesn’t move an inch, except to slap my ass. I’m his brood mare. It’s my job to draw the seed from him. A job I do with vigor.

I grind against him and squeeze, until I hear the low growl in his throat. He’s ready to cum. His hands again on my hips, he pushes in deep. I feel his cock twitch as he unloads, filling me with his cream. Still hard, he thrusts into my slick hole until I shudder and explode. Daddy is love.

Then he withdraws, bringing his dripping cock to my mouth for cleaning. I lick and suck as if starved. Every drop is precious. Still on my hands and knees, he pushes my head down against the hard wood floor, slanting my body so his seed will take. “Stay”, he commands. He walks away as I remain, tingling and throbbing.

I’m his good girl, his sexy girl, his baby girl.

© 2017 JW. More

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Twas the Night Before Christmas (PSO Version)

Twas the night before Christmas and in this humble abode
Not a creature was stirring, but a lone PSO.
She had just settled in for a long night of calls,
With a bottle of water and some lemon-honey Halls.

She did the job willingly, no need to compel,
As she catered to the wishes of her male clientele.
The call topics ranged from cuckolding and homewrecking,
To BDSM, sissification, and some casual necking.

When she finished her calls, she messaged each one
To inform them of the pics they could have for a sum.
A simple token of a relationship, exciting and new,
But most likely an item they’ll just masturbate to.

“Hey, Ivabigone, purpleguy, Sir Ross, and bigAl.”
“Hey, adam10, hornyshamuss, makeucum, and pigpal.”
“I have many sexy pictures I’m sure you will like,
Where I’m topless, bottomless, bent-over, and upright.”

Of course, they flooded her inbox with their dick pics instead,
As visions of penises began to dance in her head.
Select all and delete successfully cleaned up that mess,
But a few pics were saved, she would shamelessly confess.

With her Night over, she pours a stiff drink,
Then puts on Netflix and settles down for a think.
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”,
She exclaims with a sigh, “Today was alright.”

© 2016 JW. More

Good Morning

I wake to the smell of your perfume, and your girl cock pressed hard against me. You’ve spooned me as I slept. The silkiness of your negligee caressing my back.

As I start to stir, you pounce. Your arms wrap around me, as you slip that sweet shaft in my ass.

I’m happily trapped. Your hands mercilessly squeezing and pinching my tits, and I feel your hot breath on my neck as you whisper in my ear, “You’re Mine, Bitch.”

Then you fuck me; long deep strokes that make me whimper and purr.

A free hand slips down to my pussy, lightly stroking my clit before sinking those fingers deep inside me.

I cum harder and faster than I expected. Panting hard, I suddenly find your drenched fingers in my mouth. I happily lick and suck them clean, as you plant a load deep in my ass.

Finally, you release me. Both of us sweaty and spent. “Make us some breakfast”, you declare. “You’ll find your breakfast in my ass.”, I reply.

I really do love mornings.

© 2017 JW. More

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